Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our most frequently asked questions is shown below. If you have a question that isn't covered below, you can get in touch at

How will the proposed redevelopment benefit the wider community?

How will the new development fit in with the wider estate?

What area of the estate will be built on?

Will we lose green space on the estate?

Will all green space be accessible to all residents?

Will the gates around the estate be removed?

Will we lose the trees around the estate?

What will happen to the basketball court?

What is the difference between a MUGA and the existing basketball court?

How will the redevelopment tackle Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) on the estate?

Will cycle paths be built through the estate?

Will we lose the services on Brayford Square (surgery, chemists, supermarket, community centre)?

What new services might be provided?

What is meant by a ‘Wellness Centre’?

Will the same commercial tenants be able to return?

Will the Exmouth Community Centre be kept?

Will the Social Club be kept?

How many new homes will be built?

How was the number of homes decided?

What tenure will the new homes be?

How tall will the new buildings be?

How will you minimise noise disruption from Commercial Road?

How will the new buildings affect parking?

Will there be a loss of existing parking?

Will the new homes be ‘car free’? How will that impact the existing residents?

When will the new homes be built?

How long will construction take?

Will the redevelopment mean an increase in service charges for the estate?

How will the redevelopment affect The George Tavern?

How can residents provide feedback?

Will there be further consultation?

When will residents see the final proposals?

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