Exmouth Residents Steering Group

We've been consulting with estate residents and have set up the Exmouth Residents’ Steering Group (ERSG) - a group of residents that are helping with the design process. The ERSG is being chaired by an Independent Resident Liaison Advisor, who was chosen by the ERSG members to chair the meetings.

Meeting & Information Session Presentations

Dec 2019 Meeting Presentation

Jan 2020 Meeting Presentation

Feb 2020 Meeting Presentation

Mar 2020 Meeting Presentation

Jun 2020 Information Session Presentation

Jul 2020 Information Session Presentation

September 2020 Meeting Presentation

October 2020 Meeting Presentation

December 2020 Meeting Presentation

Meeting & Information Session Minutes

January 2020 Meeting Minutes
February 2020 Meeting Minutes
March 2020 Meeting Minutes
June 2020 Meeting Minutes
July 2020 Information Session Minutes
September 2020 Meeting Minutes
October 2020 Meeting Minutes
December 2020 Meeting Minutes

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