Swan Housing Association’s ‘Think Big’ project

Event date 16/02/2020

As part of the wider consultation, Swan Housing launched the ‘Think Big’ campaign to encourage young people from the Exmouth Estate to consider topics relating to architecture, planning and regeneration, which enabled the project team understand how the development proposals could incorporate the ideas of young people, a group too often shut out of the formal planning process.

The first stage of the project, which was facilitated by Open City and Newark Youth London, saw two groups of young people, aged 8-13 and 14-18 years old, take part in free workshops on the design, architecture and creativity that go into creating buildings that people want to live in, with the participants getting the opportunity to make their own model buildings.

The group also visited the Grade II listed Barbican Complex to inspire them to 'Think Big' in terms of the projects that they would design. The project architects delivered one of the sessions, helping the young people to consider the various elements, such as shape, texture and space that go into designing a building or housing development scheme.

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