Digital Consultation

Given the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) Government guidance on public gatherings, please be aware that today’s Exmouth Estate meeting will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams.

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The session will be recorded by Swan however, it will not be used for training or promotion but may be used by Swan to better understand the questions raised at this event and as evidence in the planning process of further consultation of the Exmouth Estate regeneration project. When recording a meeting, all participants are notified when a recording starts, and online participants can access the Microsoft Teams privacy notice directly. Recordings are only available to the people on the call or people invited to the meeting. And recordings are stored in a controlled repository that is protected by permissions and encryption.

During this online meeting, there will be an opportunity for you to choose to turn on your video and unmute your sound for the Q&A session, please be aware that others on the call will be able to see and/or hear you. You may also see the attendees surroundings which may include other people in the background or information, unless you choose a virtual background from the settings on offer to you when on teams. The presenters will share their screen with you to enable you to view a full briefing on this project to date.

If you prefer not to be seen or heard during the meeting, we would ask that you remain without video/sound but to please email any questions you may have to: