Swan has been engaging with residents of the Exmouth Estate since September 2019 by sharing our vision with the Exmouth Residents Board.  In October 2019, we reached out to the whole estate via door knocking to hear your views on the proposed redevelopment of the area surrounding Commercial Road and Brayford Square, and to invite all residents to be a part of the Exmouth Residents’ Steering Group (ERSG). 

The ERSG has met regularly (face-to-face and online) since it was formed in December 2019 to review the proposals from the architects and discuss the needs of the estate. The presentations shared by Swan and minutes from these meetings, can be found in the ERSG section.

During the consultation process, residents and ERSG Members have raised questions about the process and the proposals. Details of these can be found in the FAQs section.

We appreciate that some of the words used to describe the redevelopment may not be common terminology and so we have put together a directory of some of the more technical terms with definitions. This can be found in the Glossary section.

If you are keen to understand the entire consultation and planning process that a redevelopment scheme has to go through, we have a section called ‘The Planning Process’ that provides links to the Local Authorities’ website. Available via this link.