Jeremy Arnold

Project Director

He is responsible for several large housing-led projects for Swan, providing new, affordable homes and improving local areas.

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Sean Kelly

Development Manager

He has worked for Swan for seven years and has been involved in several mixed tenure housing schemes.

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Caroline Richardson

Head of Resident Involvement and Community Development

She is committed to making sure that residents’ voices are heard so that they can help to shape services.

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Abdullah Hossain

Training & Employment Manager

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Greg Pitt

Barton Wilmore, Associate Planner

He has lots of experience in urban development and will manage the town planning aspects of the project.

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Mark Keegan

Levitt Bernstein, Lead Architect

Mark has many years experienced working on similar redevelopment schemes, some of which have also been in Tower Hamlets.

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Ian Simpson

Communities First Independent Resident Liaison Adviser for Exmouth Residents Steering Group

Ian has 25 years experience supporting tenants and leaseholders on housing redevelopment and major works scheme. He is happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have in confidence, at any time.

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